WordPress 1.5

WordPress 1.5 “Strayhorn” was released earlier this week and I have finally gotten around to updating my blog. This was originally going to be version 1.3, but there were so many new features that the devolopers decided it deserved 1.5. On to the new features:

  • Themes
    • This is one of the most promising new features. This makes it extremely easy to change your entire site or just a single category.
  • Comments
    • One nice feature is one you approve a comment from someone they have the right to post again without having to get your approval again.
  • Spam Protection
    • By default all comments are put into moderation waiting for my approval. Once something gets on my blacklist I never have to deal with them again.
    • We all know that spammers use proxies to get around IP blocking and other methods of detection, which is why the devolopers have added code to detect insecure proxies. Very cool.
  • Comment Registration
    • There is now the option to make users register to make comments. I won’t be using this, but I am sure this will be used by many of the WordPress users out there.
  • Pages
    • There is now the ability to create static pages in WordPress. This means that you can now create an entire site with WordPress. I will be using this feature to recreate all of the pages on my website.
  • Dashboard
    • This nice little feature in the admin section is filled with information about your specific blog. It also has the latest headlins from the WordPress community.
  • The Backend
    • WordPress 1.5 is smaller in size that 1.2.2 and has fixed hundreds of bugs, amazing.

I haven’t had a lot of time to really dig into 1.5, but so far I am very impressed and highly recommend everyone to give it a try. If you want an indepth explanation of the new features please head on over to the WordPress Devolpment Blog

Hats off to all of the developers on a job very well done. Incase you are curious as to how many people have downloaded WordPress 1.5 head on over the the download counter. 27,105 as of this entry.

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