Korn / Limp Bizkit Concert…

This past Wednesday I went to see Korn and Limp Bizkit at The Pageant. I was on the floor almost dead center in the back of the pit. Even though it was the back it was still only about 20-25 feet from the stage.

The opening band was, Droid, who I had never heard of, but they weren’t too bad. They played for about 20 minutes and then they stayed out there for Fieldy who did two of his songs for Fieldy’s Dreams, his little side project.

Then it was Limp Bizkit. This was my third time seeing them live, but first time at a small venue. They had the intro from the new cd going on behind the curtain. Then, they opened the curtain and broke out into My Generation and that’s when all hell broke loose. People were jumping all over, pits where forming, it was awesome. They played My Generation, My Way, Nookie, Break Stuff, Hot Dog, Phenomenon, a cover of You Know You’re Right – Nirvana, Eat You Alive, Behind Blue Eyes, Counterfeit and Faith. There may be a couple more, but I don’t remember. During Eat You Alive and Behind Blue Eyes Durst was out in the crowd, which was cool. I was glad they atleast played Counterfeit, would have also liked to hear Pollution, because they didn’t play either during Summer Sanitarium. All in all they kicked ass. They played for an hour.

Then we had to sit though a bunch of crap about the Xbox, because the tour is sponsored by it. They had Jonathan Davis come out and play against someone in Rainbow Six 3, but that didn’t last long because the other guy sucked ass at it. Then they gave away a Xbox in a competition. They had two people singing a Korn song and the guy won.

Then of course it was Korn. They were awesome. My second time seeing them live. They played all of the songs everyone knows. During Blind the place went nuts and I was able to move in closer to the stage, about half way up.

It was an awesome concert. One of the best I have been to. My voice is just about shot after the concert.

That day was also good because my Lit class was canceled. I really didn’t feel like going. Well, I never feel like going to that class. We started Heart of Darkness a couple weeks ago and we are still on page 4-5 or so. Also, I started reading Foundation which I am reading for my novel presentation.


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