Woody and the Whipping Boy are coming back…

but not to St. Louis. They will be up in Chicago on WKQX (Q101), which is guess what, an Emmis station.

Woody & The Whipping Boy To Q101

[Listening to: Pet – A Perfect Circle – Thirteenth Step (4:34)]

3 thoughts on “Woody and the Whipping Boy are coming back…

  1. This country in on the short bus to hell and the FCC is at the wheel. Nothing that any of us say will probably bring you back to stl, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t throw the bird to the perves at the FCC by continuing to buy porn for the children of this great nation. Enjoy your new home but remember, anytime that you two want to hop into WB’s cavaqueer and come back, I got a place for you to crash.

    Devoted listener

  2. Im origionally from Illinois, and listened to you guys everyday when you were on the point. Now I live in wyoming, the shittiest state in the u.s. I bought a sirius back in september, and now howard recently came there. he has two stations, and I think you guys should talk to him, since you both have been fucked over by the fcc, maybe you can work out a deal and move to sirius.

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