St. Louis Blues Wallpaper

I have created a new St. Louis Blues wallpaper for download. I created this wallpaper a year or 2 ago, but never got around to releasing it. Since tonight is the first game of the St. Louis Blues 2013-2014 season, I thought it was a perfect opportunity.

There are Mobile, Widescreen and Retina versions included. If you would like any other sizes, feel free to contact me.


Play Ball

I have created a new wallpaper for download. Since it is the middle of baseball season I thought it would be a good time to create a wallpaper to acknowledge the season. The wallpaper was, of course, created in Adobe Photoshop. I used a couple of textures and brushes for the nitty-gritty look as well as changing the Blend Modes and the Blend If sliders to blend it all together.



I have added the above image as a new wallpaper to the goodies page. The image was entirely in Photoshop except for the vertical lines. The lines were originally the gaps in between some planks of wood on a stock image and I tweaked the image to get just the lines.

Head on over to the goodies page to download a copy. Please feel free to let me know what you think or if you would like to see any other sizes available.

Download Day 2008

Download Day 2008 has arrived. Mozilla is attempting to set a new world record with the new Firefox 3 by accumulating the most downloads over a 24 hour period. I have been using the Firefox 3 betas for awhile now and must say that it is a great improvement over Firefox 2. The speed and memory improvements alone are worth the download. If you have not given Firefox a shot before, do yourself a favor and give it a try.


There is now a goodies section. So far I just have some wallpapers up, but I plan to work on some wordpress themes as well. The wallpapers are available as 1920×1200 (widescreen), 1280×1024, and 800×600. If you would like me to offer another size, please contact me.

I am also working on the gallery. I have the basics done, but there is still quite a bit of tweaking left to do.