Back at it…

Classes started again. It was just one of those mornings today. I was late for my first class, Intro to Gov., cause I didn’t get outta my house until five minutes before my class started, So I was about 5 min. late for that class. I made some damn good time to get there in 10 min.

Next was Intro to Stats which I should be able to sleep through. My teacher is a really cool guy, same guy I had for Calc. I and II. He said dumb ass a few times that’s always nice.

Then, I get about 90 min. off, so I just came home watched some tv. Thrilling I know.

Then, I had to go back for one more class, Intro to Literature. This class is gonna blow chunks. The class is a requirement one some no one gives a shit about the class, but he expects us to actually care, what nerve. Plus, we will have to actually read a book and give a presentation in front of the class, ugh.

That’s pretty much all I did today. I lead an exciting life, I know.

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