Court Blocks Illinois Video Game Sales Regulation

“The judge said that there was no evidence presented to support the view that playing violent video games has a lasting effect on aggressive thoughts and behavior. He also said the definition of “sexually explicit” was vague.”

I have been playing violent video games for years and I am not a homicidal maniac. People need to stop trying to blame everyone else and take some responsibility in what their kids do. Instead they expect the government to do the parenting for them. Let’s just plop kids in front of the TV and do whatever we want and just let the FCC control what our kids see.

Violence has actually gone down. The murder rate for 2004 actually hit a 40 year low. Also, most studies show almost no relationship between violent video games and violence. Only 12% of video games are rated “M”, while 55% of movies are rated “R”.

One thought on “Court Blocks Illinois Video Game Sales Regulation

  1. Wow, this was kind of a political post…I am impressed. And I agree completely. It is not the government’s job to be a parent.

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