Sad iPod.

This past Saturday I went to use my iPod and Sad iPod is all I see. I went to the website the iPod says to go to. I first tried to reset it many times, using Play and Select, no help. Then the website said to connect it to my computer and try to restore it. Problem is the iPod is not showing up on my computer, so I am unable to restore it.

So, I am basically getting the idea that the hard drive is dead. I tried searching for solutions, but the consensus was that it had to be sent away for repair. I am sure Apple would want way too much to justify having it repaired and it would make more sense just to buy a new one.

Luckily, when I got the iPod back in July 2004 at BestBuy, I went ahead and got the 4 year warrenty for $40. So, I went up there to GeekSquad and told him I had the Sad iPod icon. He took the iPod typed up the info and said I should have it back in 10-14 days.

I can tell you I already miss it. I hate having to carry around all of my cd’s. I used the iPod everywhere, my car, work, etc.

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