Dead Graphics Card – Update

If you read my post about my dead graphics card, then I am happy to say I am back in action. I sent out the card on Thursday, Jan. 4, it arrived on Monday, Jan. 8, at BFG. They shipped out the card the next day and I got my card back on Wednesday, Jan. 10. I am very impressed with the turn around time. The rep. gave me an estimate of 2 week turn around time and I got it in under a week. They sent me another BFG GeForece 7800GT OC and it seems to be running fine. I wanted to take some time and test the card out before officially stating that things are running fine. I am happy to report that I am getting temps in the mid 30’s C when it’s not under load and an average of 68C while under load. Kudos again to BFG.

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