WordPress 2.3

WordPress 2.3 has been released and brings quite a few changes. Of course since I just added the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin, tags are now a built in feature and break the UTW plugin. One very nice addition is Update Notifications, which will check for updates to WordPress itself or plugins.

I will probably wait until the weekend to update to 2.3. As I will have to add Tagging Support to my personal theme. Luckily there is an importer for UTW included to make the changeover painless. Although I am curious if the same functionality exists in the new Tagging system. For instance I use the Related Posts ability of UTW. I may also take this time to upgrade my install to use Subversion and make further updates extremely easy.

There are some other new features, but Tags and the Update Checking are about the only things that are useful to me. There are of course tons of bug fixes as well.

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