Pointfest #2 of 2007 – Review

Sunday I went to Pointfest with some friends and had a great time. We got there a little before 4. I picked up my 4 tickets and 2 photo passes and we headed in. Thanks go out to Dave and Freddie for once again getting me hooked up with the tickets and passes. This time I was able to shoot from in front of the barricade instead of from the pit, which was not an easy thing to do. I am working on getting the pictures up from Pointfest as fast as I can. I used the same equipment as the last Breaking Benjamin show.

Sum 41

We really only saw a couple of their songs, because we wanted to head over so we could see Chevelle, who were playing 5 minutes after Sum 41 was finished. We could still hear their set while we were at the other stage and I was a bit disturbed by how many songs I actually knew.


This was my second time seeing Chevelle live. The first time was at The Pageant with Taproot. They only had a 30 minute set and played 6 or 7 songs most of which were off their new CD, which I have yet to pick up.

13 Days

Next up it was time for the main stage, beginning with the local band winners, 13 Days. I remember seeing these guys 3 or 4 years ago when they opened for Taproot and Mudvayne at Pops.

Finger Eleven

They were not there. I am not sure why, but maybe someone can fill me in.


It has been quite a few years since I saw Seether live. The last time was a pervious Pointfest. This was also the first band that photographed at this years Pointfest. I was able to shoot the first 3 songs, which is standard policy. I thought they put on a really good show.

Three Days Grace

I saw these guys just a couple months ago when they opened for Breaking Benjamin. I also photographed their first 3 songs and I think I got a few really good ones. I believe it was basically the same set list they played a couple months ago, but I am not sure. They did a cover of “Black” by Pearl Jam, which was really good. They put on a real good show.

Breaking Benjamin

Now for the main reason I went to Pointfest, Breaking Benjamin. Since they are how I got my passes I shot their entire set. So if you saw a guy with 2 cameras down in front of the barricade during the entire set, that was me. They put on an amazing show, which included “Phase” which I have not heard live in quite awhile. At one point Ben went out into the crowd to give people water. During this point Shaun Morgan came on stage and sang “Change (In the House of Flies)” by the Deftones, which was awesome. After Ben was done passing out water he came back on stage and finished the song out with them.

I had a great time this year and am glad that I decided to go. I want to thank the staff at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater for making sure everything was taken care of for me to photographed the show.

Once again a big thanks to Dave from shallowbay.com and Freddie, Breaking Benjamin’s tour manager, for setting this whole thing up for me.

I will get the pictures up as soon as I can, but I am currently having some computer problems. I am hoping to have them up by the end of the weekend, please keep checking back.

The pictures are now up.

P.S. I met a guy who was also photographing the show and asked for my info during Breaking Benjamin. He had to leave after 3 songs and since I was still shooting I was unable to meet up with him and exchange info. If by chance you find this please feel free to shoot me an email.

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