Pointfest #2 of 2007 – Review

Sunday I went to Pointfest with some friends and had a great time. We got there a little before 4. I picked up my 4 tickets and 2 photo passes and we headed in. Thanks go out to Dave and Freddie for once again getting me hooked up with the tickets and passes. This time I was able to shoot from in front of the barricade instead of from the pit, which was not an easy thing to do. I am working on getting the pictures up from Pointfest as fast as I can. I used the same equipment as the last Breaking Benjamin show.
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Pointfest #2 of 2007

The second Pointfest of 2007 will be on September 30th with tickets going on sale August 4th for $29.

  • Pointfest Lineup
    • Breaking Benjamin
    • Sum 41
    • Three Days Grace
    • Seether
    • Finger Eleven
    • Sick Puppies
    • The Starting Line
    • Evans Blue
    • (hed)PE
    • Hurt
    • Mute Math
    • Chevelle
    • Saliva

It’s a better lineup than the first Pointfest of 2007, but once again the only band I want to see there is Breaking Bejamin.

  • Sum 41, ewe.
  • Three Days Grace, just saw them live a month ago.
  • Seether, saw them a couple years ago at a previous Pointfest.
  • Finger Eleven, know a whole 2 songs by them.
  • Sick Puppies, who?
  • The Starting Line, who?
  • Evans Blue, saw them at the Pageant and was not very impressed.
  • (hed) P.E. saw them a couple years ago at Pointfest, they were ok.
  • Hurt, not a fan at all.
  • Mute Math, who?

I guess this is why I barely listen to the Point anymore, they only play the wussy stuff anymore.

Update: 2 more bands have been added to the lineup, Chevelle and Saliva. Chevelle: Nice. Saliva: No thank you.