Pointfest 2007 – Pictures

They’re up! As I mentioned in my review, the equipment I used is in the following post. Almost all of the images are just a straight processed RAW file with little or no Photoshop. I have also enabled comments on the gallery and as long as the spam doesn’t get out of hand I will leave them open.

Keep reading for some of my favorites.

Some of my favorites


Seether_0002 (093007).jpg
Seether_0059 (093007).jpg
Seether_0095 (093007).jpg

Three Days Grace

3DG_0021 (093007).jpg
3DG_0030 (093007).jpg
3DG_0035 (093007).jpg
3DG_0052 (093007).jpg
3DG_0062 (093007).jpg
3DG_0080 (093007).jpg

Breaking Benjamin

BB_0076 (093007).jpg
BB_0089 (093007).jpg
BB_0105 (093007).jpg
BB_0142 (093007).jpg
BB_0202 (093007).jpg
BB_0261 (093007).jpg
BB_0237 (093007).jpg
BB_0302 (093007).jpg
BB_0327 (093007).jpg

View the rest of the images in the gallery.

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