well, Sunday night I spent a couple hours studying for my Stats test, which was supposed to be today. When I walked into the class on the board it said “Stats test postponed until Wednesday.” Which was fine by me, even though I think I was really ready for it. The reason for the postponement was my teacher got hurt on Thursday night. He was at Judo going for some brown belt level thing or something and this other guy 60 pounds heavier threw him. So, he thinks he has whiplash, but hasn’t seen a doctor. So, he wasn’t able to do anything since Thursday night, so our test hasn’t been written yet.


Job Interview…

Today I had an interview at Best Buy. It went pretty good and they may be calling me for a second interview sometime next week. And that one would be with the department head. We’ll see if that actually happens. Also, she said that it would probably be just for Christmas help, but if I make a good impression it could be more.

Yesterday I had a test in Stats and my teacher made it open book, which was nice. I also found a couple days ago that just about everyone from my Clac classes are gonna be in Diff EQ which is gonna kick ass.

Some sucky news now, local band Unchained have broke up.

Compaq has finally answer this age old question. Click here for the answer.

School stuff…

Today I filed for graduation at the end of the Spring 2004 semester, I don’t know why you have to do it this early, but today was the deadline. I found out what classes I still need to take and those are: Biology, Speech, and a Health or 2 PE.

This all leads up to the tough question, what the fuck am I gonna do after this? I have no idea what I want to do. All I’ve been doing is taking a bunch of math classes, but I don’t know what I want to do with it. About the only 2 options with math are Engineering or become a teacher.

If I decided to go with Engineering I would probably wind up at SIUE, the main problem with that is that I didn’t take the Engineering Physics classes, which are required. The teacher who does the Physics is terrible and I didn’t want to waste my time. I would have to take those classes before I could even apply to the Engineering School at SIUE. So, doing this would put me even further behind in ever finishing up with school. Plus, I have no idea what field I would even go into.

I really don’t think the teaching thing would be right for me. That is just way too much school for me, esp. if I tried for postsecondary.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for years and I’m not any closer to a decision.

P.S. I’m mad about my fist Stats test, I got a 96, and I know I could have got a perfect 103 ( +3 bonus, which I got). If I would have actually studied I could have done better, but oh well. To tell you how easy the test was, our class average was a 90.

Random Happenings…

I couldn’t think of a clever title so that’s what you’re stuck with. Anyway not a lot has been going on, go figure.

Last Friday I wanted to hurt my Lit. teacher because we have to come in some Saturday in November to watch Apocolypse Now Redux, because he doesn’t want to take 4 class periods to watch it. The only good part of this is when we have to do our novel presentation we will only have to show up the day we are giving our presentation.

Tuesday in my stats class a guy sitting a couple rows behind me had a seizure. I was just sitting there and the next thing I felt something hit my seat and I turn around and he was shaking. He almost fell out of his chair, but the the guys sitting on the side of him kept him in the chair. After about 10 seconds he stopped and had no idea what happened so campus patrol came by and took him and went to the hospital. That was the first time I have ever seen someone go into a seizure.

After classes got out Jeff and I went to the Blue Note Store to buy tickets for the Mudvayne/Powerman 5000/Fingertight concert over at Pop’s. Then, I wanted to run to Circuit City to pick up the Alias Season 1 DVD, but they were sold out so I had to run to Best Buy and pay about $7 more for it.

Well that’s about all that has been going on, Catch ya later.