The Pageant Turns 10

Nice article celebrating the 10th anniversary of my favorite concert venue, The Pageant. The Pageant is where I just photographed the Story of the Year concert. Some of the many bands that I have seen there are: The Urge, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Story of the Year, Flyleaf, Chevelle, Taproot, Blindside, Linkin Park, KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Audioslave, Greenwheel, Default, Dropping Daylight and Ill Nino. switches to drupal has switched to drupal. It is great to see such a high profile site switch to open source. Many people question the security of open source because it is open and anyone can view the code, but the opposite occurs. All of these creators, developers and users are able to find security holes and can get them patched very quickly.


Finally! Last week I crossed the 500 miles ran mark.