CSSEdit 2.5

CSSEdit 2.5 is out! This is by far the best CSS editor around. New to version 2.5, a free upgrade for 2.0 users, are tabs, x-ray inspector, selector builder, and much more. Head on over to the CSSEdit site and give the demo a try.

Site Update in Progress

I have the day off from work because of snow, so I decided to get some work done on this site. I have been too busy to update the work section of the site, so I am using my day off to finally get something done. I suppose it is a good thing when you are too busy for your own site. I will update this post when things are complete. Update: Site has been updated with some of my latest work.

Listening to

I have been using last.fm since last December and so far I have been loving it. (You may remember it as audioscrobbler.) Over 4000 songs later and I have finally decided to put what I am listening to on my site. I found a plugin for wordpress from sevennine.net installed it and everything is up and running. I still need to do a little work to the way the tracks are displayed, for instance I think I will add a nice little icon or something beside each track, but it is way too late to do anything about it tonight. It is currently set to update from last.fm every 10 minutes.


I have finally gotten some of my work uploaded. It is not complete. I have a few websites that I am working on finishing up, then I will be adding them to my site.

I am currently accepting work, please contact me.