iPod = Dead (or not)

Well looks like my iPod has finally kicked the bucket. It was the original 40GB click-wheel version with monochromatic screen and could not play video.

On Saturday I had the iPod on at work and it was working just fine, then I ran to get lunch and had it on in my car, once again no problems. After lunch I went to use it and nothing happened when I tried to press play, so I figured I had the hold button on. I looked and it was off, so I toggled it off and on a few times, but no luck the screen stayed blank. Next up I thought maybe the battery had died, so I plugged it in, but once again, nothing. When I got home I plugged it into my computer, but it was not recognized. I opened it to check for loose wires, but all seemed to be okay.

I did some searching and the basic conclusion I came to is that the iPod is dead. If it was the battery then it should have still worked plugged into a power source. I believe it is probably the logic board. One thing I am trying is leaving it plugged in and just waiting to see if it comes back to life, which is the only real suggestion I found. Although I am not holding my breath.

I will most likely be getting a new iPod fairly soon. I am thinking the 80GB Classic. I have been wanting a new iPod, so that I can play videos, but I was hoping that my current one lasted a little while longer.

Update: After leaving my iPod plugged into a wall outlet for a few days it came back to life. I disconnected it from power after a few days and tried to reset it one last time and I finally saw the apple logo, but it would not get past the apple. Next, I plugged it into the wall outlet again and reset it. This time it booted up just fine. I have been using it for the past few days and it seems to be working just fine. So, if your iPod wont do anything I highly suggest just leaving it plugged in for a few days before you fork over the cash to replace or repair it.

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