Classes tomorrow…

Well tomorrow I start classes again. It seems like forever since I last went, Dec 18 to be exact. The good things is that my first class isn’t until 12:30.

I am also going to be using a feature of w.bloggar which will automatically put whatever song I am listening to in to each of my posts.

I will post about my trip in the next day or so.

[Listening to: 1 Nite Stand – Taproot – Gift (3:40)]


Well my last post I decided to try out w.bloggar to update my blog. It works really well, it’s nice not having to type out all of the html code. It’s completely free and works with Blogger, b2, MovableType, Nucleus, BigBlogTool, BlogWorks XML, Blogalia, Drupal, Xoops, E-Xoops, Upsaid, PostNuke, TheBlog, Blog-City, Blogjsom, Roller Weblogger, Domino, LiveJournal, EraBlog.NET, pMachine, TypePad and YACS blogs. I have only tried it on Movabletype, because that’s what I use, but it works flawlessly. Spellcheck also a big plus, because I can’t spell worth shit.

Evil Lyrics

I found a kick ass program, EvilLyrics. What this program does is when you play a song in Winamp it will automatically search the internet for the lyrics and display them.