Oh yea, I almost forgot. I went and saw the new Martix Wednesday night. I thought it was good. The effects kicked ass. The plot was ok. But I won’t go into anything about it here.


I went to see Underworld tonight and it kicked ass. My only complaint is the way it ended. I won’t say what part as to not give it away. But it could have been much better. And can you say sequel?

My Card’s got eliminated last night, so that blows. The Cubs won the Central, what kind of crazy upside down world are we living in?

Oh, well Blues start up in just a couple weeks, woohoo!


I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…

I found this funny:

WASHINGTON – The maker of the Segway Human Transporter has agreed to recall the motorized scooters because riders have been injured falling off when its batteries are low.

Source: Yahoo News

The basic problem is that when it has low battery power it can’t keep itself upright. I don’t know about you, but if I spent $5k on a scooter it better work.

Also, there is a new Matrix: Revolutions Trailer online. Click here to download. This is not the one that was showed after the credits of Reloaded. This is an entirely new one and I must say DAMN.

ok, I’m out later.


I went to see S.W.A.T. on Friday and I think it was really good. It didn’t have the greatest plot, but had plenty of action. That’s all that really matters anyway. 😀

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