Random Happenings…

I couldn’t think of a clever title so that’s what you’re stuck with. Anyway not a lot has been going on, go figure.

Last Friday I wanted to hurt my Lit. teacher because we have to come in some Saturday in November to watch Apocolypse Now Redux, because he doesn’t want to take 4 class periods to watch it. The only good part of this is when we have to do our novel presentation we will only have to show up the day we are giving our presentation.

Tuesday in my stats class a guy sitting a couple rows behind me had a seizure. I was just sitting there and the next thing I felt something hit my seat and I turn around and he was shaking. He almost fell out of his chair, but the the guys sitting on the side of him kept him in the chair. After about 10 seconds he stopped and had no idea what happened so campus patrol came by and took him and went to the hospital. That was the first time I have ever seen someone go into a seizure.

After classes got out Jeff and I went to the Blue Note Store to buy tickets for the Mudvayne/Powerman 5000/Fingertight concert over at Pop’s. Then, I wanted to run to Circuit City to pick up the Alias Season 1 DVD, but they were sold out so I had to run to Best Buy and pay about $7 more for it.

Well that’s about all that has been going on, Catch ya later.


I went to see S.W.A.T. on Friday and I think it was really good. It didn’t have the greatest plot, but had plenty of action. That’s all that really matters anyway. 😀

Fingertight Webcast!
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We’re playing The 9:30 Club on August 11th and we’ll be webcasted via the Digital Club Network at the following link. (Please keep in mind this link won’t be working until 7:30 EST on 8/11/03). Fingertight on DCN.

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