Tear Out The Heart – CD Release Show

Tear Out The Heart celebrated the release of their new album, Violence, at Pop’s in Sauget, IL. Also on the bill were: The Fuck Off And Dies, Inimical Drive, Fears vs Dreams and Battalion.

Tear Out The Heart is signed to Victory Records and on March 19th they released their debut album, Violence. The St. Louis, MO based band members are: Tyler Konersman – Vocals, Josh Spohr – Guitar, Matthieu Murphy – Guitar, Isaac Etter – Bass / Vocals and Matt Epstein – Drums.

With Tyler’s raw vocals and the hard hitting riffs, Tear Out The Heart wasted no time getting the crowd pumped up and moving. There was almost a constant mosh pit from the very beginning to the end. With no barricade to shoot from, this meant I was shooting from the crowd, which definitely made things tough.

Singers from two of the opening bands, Nick Manser from Fears vs Dreams and Dan Marsala from The Fuck Off And Dies (and Story of the Year) each made a special appearance and sang along with Tyler. The fans went insane when Dan came out and sang with Tyler, which was an awesome sight.

If you are into the metal scene, then you will not find a more energetic and raw experience, than Tear Out The Heart. Pick up their CD/MP3 on Amazon or iTunes.

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