This week…

Well this week was the usual. Absolutely nothing is going on.

Tuesday I had a quiz in Earth Science, got a 10/10, go me. I also went out and bought the new A Perfect Circle CD, Thirteenth Step, it is damn good.

Wednesday I had a test in my Intro to Gov. class, I didn’t do as good as I thought or wanted, an 83. Not terrible but ain’t great. Then in my Intro to Lit class I started to doze off for some reason. I don’t know what hit me, but I got really tired all of a sudden. My teacher was not happy and told me to keep um open or leave, so I was awake for the rest of class.

Thursday nothing happened.

Friday nothing happened in class. During Woody and Whipping Boy on the Point they played a ton of their acoustic stuff that was recorded there. So that was cool. I also recorded it ghetto style. Microphone connected to comp recording off my stereo. It actually doesn’t sound too bad. Now I am the process of splitting up each individual track and this will take awhile. I will post all of the tracks I have once I am done. Also, the Blues started their preseason games today and won 3-0.

Saturday I woke up for the Cards game. It was actually a pretty good game. Pujols won the game in the Bottom of the 13th with a homer run to break the 2-2 tie. Blues won again 3-2 in OT over Dallas, hahaha. Tonight I did nothing except cut the grass. How’s that for a thrilling Saturday night. Now, I’m just working on edited the songs and have been working for a few hours already.

I guess that’s about it, Later.

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