Woody and the Whipping Boy…

Damn it! I hate corporations. All they do is find ways to screw everyone else. Today The Point fired Woody and the Whipping Boy. They say they are going in a conservative direction. They were the number one station and get fired for no reason.

A few weeks ago they had a couple women masterbating on the air, which got WWB a week without pay. Another incident was for halloween they had four women come in and have their asses painted for a Crack-O-Lantern Contest. Because of these inncidents another women got her panties in a bunch and started going around getting a petition going and getting some advertisers to pull their ads.

WWB stated yesterday that if for some reason they were taken off the air not to worry becuase they already had another job lined up out East. They were told by the station to be edgy and so they did, now they station is saying nevermind and firing them as a scapecoat.

This just really pisses me because I have been listening to these guys since they first came on the air. If you don’t like what they are doing there is an amazing thing on your radio, called the dial, and you change the fucking station.

Here is the thing that got them into trouble:
allamericanrejectsthreesome.mp3 (right-click –> save as…)

Another little thing they did:
kermitandmisspiggy.mp3 (right-click –> save as…)

This week…

Well this week was the usual. Absolutely nothing is going on.

Tuesday I had a quiz in Earth Science, got a 10/10, go me. I also went out and bought the new A Perfect Circle CD, Thirteenth Step, it is damn good.

Wednesday I had a test in my Intro to Gov. class, I didn’t do as good as I thought or wanted, an 83. Not terrible but ain’t great. Then in my Intro to Lit class I started to doze off for some reason. I don’t know what hit me, but I got really tired all of a sudden. My teacher was not happy and told me to keep um open or leave, so I was awake for the rest of class.

Thursday nothing happened.

Friday nothing happened in class. During Woody and Whipping Boy on the Point they played a ton of their acoustic stuff that was recorded there. So that was cool. I also recorded it ghetto style. Microphone connected to comp recording off my stereo. It actually doesn’t sound too bad. Now I am the process of splitting up each individual track and this will take awhile. I will post all of the tracks I have once I am done. Also, the Blues started their preseason games today and won 3-0.

Saturday I woke up for the Cards game. It was actually a pretty good game. Pujols won the game in the Bottom of the 13th with a homer run to break the 2-2 tie. Blues won again 3-2 in OT over Dallas, hahaha. Tonight I did nothing except cut the grass. How’s that for a thrilling Saturday night. Now, I’m just working on edited the songs and have been working for a few hours already.

I guess that’s about it, Later.