Well, today was the last day of finals.

Monday I had my stats final. I think I did ok. We also had to turn in a project that is either worth 5% or 10% of our grade and that should be an easy A. I had a 91% before the project and the final, so I should still have the A.

Tuesday, No finals. Which was nice because I had 2 papers to write and a final to study for. So that was pretty much most of my day, 11 am – 10 pm.

Wenesday I had my Intro to Gov test. My teacher had our grades done by the afternoon so I found out what I got. I got an 87 on the final and a B for the course.

I also had to turn in my 2 papers for my Intro to Lit class. Well I get there and a couple of the guys in the class are waiting outside, so I walk over. And I find out that our teacher wasn’t there and there was a note saying to put the papers in his mailbox. What a lazy son of a bitch. I have no idea what my grade will be for the course, considering that 40% of our grade is the 2 papers and anther 20% is class participation.

Ok, and today I had my Earth Science final. Which I didn’t study much for, just read over my notes. I needed to get a 83% to keep my A. Our test was 160 multiple choice and we only had to answer 150 of them. Plus he gave us 10 bonus questions, which was nice esp. since most of the bonus questions were ones already asked in the test. I think I did pretty well, but we’ll see.

Tonight was good. I went to the St. Louis Blues game against the San Jose Sharks. A friend of mine got 25 free tickets. And they were damn good seats, they normally run 85 bucks each. It was a great game. The Blues won 4-2.

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