New Years, Pt 2…

Well, nobody got wasted so that was good. We mainly just hung out, played some Halo, went to eat at a all you can eat pizza place. I got home around 2:30 on Thursday and if I had gotten home about 15 minutes earlier I would have known some of my friends were out playing hockey, oh well. That night I went to the Blues game, we won 5-4, I had 12th row seats on the Blues shoot twice side. We almost lost the game, but held on for the win.

Friday, I went bowling for the first time in years. I bowled a 118 and I think a 149, or something like that. One of the guys had some free passes, so I only had to pay for shoe rental.

Today, I did nothing but watch football. Both teams that I picked won, Carolina and Tennessee. Speaking of picks I won my little Maxim Pool against Jeff and Steve. Currently I am #29 overall in the Point’s picks thing. Which ain’t too bad considering there are probably a few thousand in it. I also do picks on DeviantArt’s forums, but the guy who does it hasn’t posted in a few weeks so I don’t know the current stats. Both the Point’s and DeviantArt’s one’s are picking for the playoffs.

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