In D.C…

Here’s my little update:

We got into D.C. around 4:30 on Sunday and our ride was running late so it was after 5:15 before we got out of the airport. We got to the dorm about an hour later, I met most of his roommates. And met the rest later that night.

Monday we didn’t do much. Got lunch when Steve had a break, then he had classes and work until 9. After that we walked down to a supermarket so I could buy some food. Because the on campus places shut down because of a water shortage, which is still in effect.

Today, was basically the same during the day. And right now I am just killing some time before he gets off work at 8.

Friday we are going to the concert, and then Saturday we are planning on going site seeing downtown.


Well tomorrow (Sunday) I am flying out to D.C. for a week. I am going to see Linkin Park, P.O.D., Hoobastank and Story of the Year out there on Friday. I am staying in the friends dorm suite, like 5 other guys like there. And they play HALO all the time so I better get somewhat good at it. Cause right now I am terrible on XBOX version, but on PC I’m ok. I like the mouse and keyboard setup much better for shooters. My friend will mainly be spending Mon-Fri going to classes and working in the schools bookstore. then Friday is the concert and he has Fri-Sun off.

Mainly I just really need to get away. It’s been years since I’ve been away for longer than a day or two. I need to decide where I am going to school in the fall and what my major will be.

I should still be able to online, so I’ll see you around.

School stuff…

Today I filed for graduation at the end of the Spring 2004 semester, I don’t know why you have to do it this early, but today was the deadline. I found out what classes I still need to take and those are: Biology, Speech, and a Health or 2 PE.

This all leads up to the tough question, what the fuck am I gonna do after this? I have no idea what I want to do. All I’ve been doing is taking a bunch of math classes, but I don’t know what I want to do with it. About the only 2 options with math are Engineering or become a teacher.

If I decided to go with Engineering I would probably wind up at SIUE, the main problem with that is that I didn’t take the Engineering Physics classes, which are required. The teacher who does the Physics is terrible and I didn’t want to waste my time. I would have to take those classes before I could even apply to the Engineering School at SIUE. So, doing this would put me even further behind in ever finishing up with school. Plus, I have no idea what field I would even go into.

I really don’t think the teaching thing would be right for me. That is just way too much school for me, esp. if I tried for postsecondary.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for years and I’m not any closer to a decision.

P.S. I’m mad about my fist Stats test, I got a 96, and I know I could have got a perfect 103 ( +3 bonus, which I got). If I would have actually studied I could have done better, but oh well. To tell you how easy the test was, our class average was a 90.