Top questions and mini iPods…

Yahoo has put together a list of the top 10 questions asked in 2003. I think #1 is funny as hell. Link

There are lots of rumors floating around about MacWorldExpo and what Steve Jobs will announce during his Keynote speech. The big rumors is mini iPods that will hold 400-800 songs and cost arounf $100. They will also be flashed based, which is better if you like to jog or workout while using.

Another week done…

Well, I hate those damn Yankees. There are two teams I will never root for the Yanks are one and the other is the Cubs. So, let’s see what them fish can do against the Yanks.

Hockey season started last Friday for the Blues. They are off to an ok start, 1-1-0-1. Speaking of hockey yesterday I went out and played for almost two hours for the first time in about 4-5 years. It felt good getting out and playing again even though I suck. Also, in both of my fantasy hockey leagues I am in last place, at least I am consistent.

Well, my comp really doesn’t like my right now. Plus, it’s about time for a clean install anyway, so this’ll be a thrilling Friday night.

Also, if you haven’t tried iTunes yet you should it rules.