Almost done…

Well Friday is my last day of classes before finals.

I currently have a 91 in my stats class, which should be much better.

In my Earth Science class I have a 92 and will need to get an 83% or better to keep the A, I should be able to pull that off. The final is 160 multiple choice and we only answer 150 of them.

My other two classes I have no idea about. My Intro to Gov class should be in the B range.

Intro to Lit is a complete toss up, either a B or C. But I still have 60% of my grade to recieve. 2 papers are due on the day of finals, 20% each. Plus 20% for class participation grade. So that class really blows.

So, next week is gonna suck.

Heart of Darkness…

I finished reading Heart of Darkness tonight. It’s ok, it’s not the easiest book to follow, esp. in the beginning. Plus, I wasn’t reading like I should have, little by little, so I read page 10-72 in about 3 days for about an hour a day.

Change in Lit class…

Well we are reading Heart of Darkness in my Lit class and we were supposed to watch Apocolypse Now on Saturday. Then, we were to write a paper comparing the themes of the two.

In exchange for coming in on Saturday we would only have to come in next week one day to give our presentation on our book that we are reading on our own.

Well today he gave us the option of watching the movie all next week and just doing a written paper for our book.

So, all but one person chose the new option so that is what we are doing. So that means on the day of finals I will have two papers due, but oh well.

I guess first I should actually finish both books.


Gov. Test…

Well, I just got back from my Intro to Gov class and we got our test from Friday back. I got a 90, which isn’t too bad. I missed 12 or 13 multiple choice out of 60 and none on the essay. He grades on a curve and gave an extra 3-4 points. Well I got to go in a few minutes, got the dreaded Intro to Lit class. Which I absolutely hate.

Haven’t posted in awhile…

There hasn’t been a lot going on and I keep on forgetting to post. I just spent about four hours rewriting my notes for my Intro. to Gov. class, got a test tomorrow and rewriting notes seems to help me study. Just reading them over doesn’t do it for me.

Then for my Lit class I need to do some extra stuff to help bring up my participation grade. I am not a vocal person so I need all the help I can get. I have to do a little bit of research on Sir Fancis Drake and Buddhism. I don’t have to do a lot just some background information. So it’s not a big deal. I just really don’t feel like doing it right now. I have a couple hours in between classes tomorrow so I will probably wind up doing it then.

I got a couple of tests back that I was pretty happy with. In my stats class I got a 99 which was the high in the class. And in the Earth Science class I got a 92 on a 100 question multiple choice test. There were only 4 people who got over a 90. Our average was around a 75 or so.

Blues seem to be on a role they are currently in first place and beat Vancouver tonight 3-2.

Also, tonight I got in on the ScreenSavers LAN party. I got to play Halo. I only was able to play for 15 min. The first game I was 9th overall and I think 2nd on team. It was a good time.

A week from today we are getting DirecTV installed. No more crappy cable and I will finally get Fuse and MTV2 which actually play, get this, music. Now ain’t that a concept.

Well there’s my little update,



well, Sunday night I spent a couple hours studying for my Stats test, which was supposed to be today. When I walked into the class on the board it said “Stats test postponed until Wednesday.” Which was fine by me, even though I think I was really ready for it. The reason for the postponement was my teacher got hurt on Thursday night. He was at Judo going for some brown belt level thing or something and this other guy 60 pounds heavier threw him. So, he thinks he has whiplash, but hasn’t seen a doctor. So, he wasn’t able to do anything since Thursday night, so our test hasn’t been written yet.