So tempted.

Dell Small Business has the Dimension 9150 w/ 24″ LCD for $993. I really want that 24″ widescreen LCD, but I just can’t spend $1000 after just spending $1500 on my current computer that I just built a month or so ago. I guess I will just have to wait until there is a deal on the 2405 by itself.

Damn you Dell.

Update: I went for it! I thought of someone who I work with and she was gonna have me build her a computer anyway, so I will just sell her it for $700 or so. That means I get a 24″ LCD which normally goes for almost $1000 for around $350. Too good of a deal to pass up.

Update #2: It shipped out today and I should have it tomorrow.

Update #3: Everything arrived today. The display is beautiful. Hopefully I will have some time over Thanksgiving to really test this thing and get a review up by the end of the week. I talked with the person that I work with and sounds like she will buy it for $700, so $380 for a $1000+ monitor.

Update #4: I sold it for $700.

Damn it…

Well my Earth Science teacher emailed me back and I got an 111 out of 150 on the final, which blows. I needed an 124 to keep my A. So, I got a B for the class, so I am pissed. I don’t know how I could have done that bad.

Almost done…

Well Friday is my last day of classes before finals.

I currently have a 91 in my stats class, which should be much better.

In my Earth Science class I have a 92 and will need to get an 83% or better to keep the A, I should be able to pull that off. The final is 160 multiple choice and we only answer 150 of them.

My other two classes I have no idea about. My Intro to Gov class should be in the B range.

Intro to Lit is a complete toss up, either a B or C. But I still have 60% of my grade to recieve. 2 papers are due on the day of finals, 20% each. Plus 20% for class participation grade. So that class really blows.

So, next week is gonna suck.


well, Sunday night I spent a couple hours studying for my Stats test, which was supposed to be today. When I walked into the class on the board it said “Stats test postponed until Wednesday.” Which was fine by me, even though I think I was really ready for it. The reason for the postponement was my teacher got hurt on Thursday night. He was at Judo going for some brown belt level thing or something and this other guy 60 pounds heavier threw him. So, he thinks he has whiplash, but hasn’t seen a doctor. So, he wasn’t able to do anything since Thursday night, so our test hasn’t been written yet.


Random Happenings…

I couldn’t think of a clever title so that’s what you’re stuck with. Anyway not a lot has been going on, go figure.

Last Friday I wanted to hurt my Lit. teacher because we have to come in some Saturday in November to watch Apocolypse Now Redux, because he doesn’t want to take 4 class periods to watch it. The only good part of this is when we have to do our novel presentation we will only have to show up the day we are giving our presentation.

Tuesday in my stats class a guy sitting a couple rows behind me had a seizure. I was just sitting there and the next thing I felt something hit my seat and I turn around and he was shaking. He almost fell out of his chair, but the the guys sitting on the side of him kept him in the chair. After about 10 seconds he stopped and had no idea what happened so campus patrol came by and took him and went to the hospital. That was the first time I have ever seen someone go into a seizure.

After classes got out Jeff and I went to the Blue Note Store to buy tickets for the Mudvayne/Powerman 5000/Fingertight concert over at Pop’s. Then, I wanted to run to Circuit City to pick up the Alias Season 1 DVD, but they were sold out so I had to run to Best Buy and pay about $7 more for it.

Well that’s about all that has been going on, Catch ya later.

Back at it…

Classes started again. It was just one of those mornings today. I was late for my first class, Intro to Gov., cause I didn’t get outta my house until five minutes before my class started, So I was about 5 min. late for that class. I made some damn good time to get there in 10 min.

Next was Intro to Stats which I should be able to sleep through. My teacher is a really cool guy, same guy I had for Calc. I and II. He said dumb ass a few times that’s always nice.

Then, I get about 90 min. off, so I just came home watched some tv. Thrilling I know.

Then, I had to go back for one more class, Intro to Literature. This class is gonna blow chunks. The class is a requirement one some no one gives a shit about the class, but he expects us to actually care, what nerve. Plus, we will have to actually read a book and give a presentation in front of the class, ugh.

That’s pretty much all I did today. I lead an exciting life, I know.