It’s been a long time.

Over three months since I last posted anything on here. There hasn’t been that much going on. Just working a lot. I also joined the YMCA and have been trying to get out there 3-5 days a week after work.

I just got back Monday afternoon for a short trip out of town. It was nice getting away. Then not 2-3 hours later a big storm blows through and knocks out the power until 6am today.

I am gonna try and update things more often. (We’ll see how that goes).

Job update

It’s about time for me to give an update as to how the new job is going. I have been there for about a month now. In case you are wondering jsut what my job is, here is a rundown. I do production for a photography studio. Once the pictures are shot with the Canon EOS 20D, which does RAW and JPEG files at once, I create 3 folders and seperate out the RAW and JPEGs and create a folder for the proofs. I then rename all images with the clients name. Then all jpegs are resized to 8×10 and then I can be creative and do some various effects to them, to show the client what we can do. I remove blemishes and can do some black and white glamour shots. Also things like diffusion, changing color tones and many other things. These are then burned off to CD and sent to one of the other studios to create the proof books which the client looks at and decides which ones they want.

All of my retouching and everything else is done in Adobe Photoshop.

Once they decide what they want I get the order and resize images to the size of the pictures they ordered. If they pay for retouching I will also remove any blemishes, wrinkles, bags under the eyes, stray hairs, and drool on some of the babies. For babies I also do a slideshow. For wallets I add either our logo or I can add a custom one requested by the client. Once I finish all orders for the day they are FTP’d to the color lab.

Soon we are also gonna be doing some panels for Young Achievers, which I still need to learn how to use the Kodak ProShots program to do those.

That is basically my job. Doesn’t sound too complicated but there is a lot of things to learn and keep track off. So far I like it. We are not very busy right now, but that will change in a few weeks. So, right now the photographer has been doing the proofing of images and getting them ready for ordering, which saves me a lot of work.

I got it.

I had a job interview yesterday at a local photography studio doing the Photoshop. Doing things like touch ups and file management. Today I heard back and I got the job. I will be starting either Saturday or Tuesday.

yes, this is the big news I was talking about in my previous post.

Various updates

If you are wondering why I haven’t been posting anything it is because there really isn’t anything going on lately. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks. I went to the doctor yesterday and found out I have a sinus infection. He gave me some pills, but I jsut can’t swallow pills. I don’t know why it’s just one of those things. So I have to try and get a hold him tomorrow to see if I can get something in a liquid. I need an antibiotic and a decongestant. Right now it is mainly a really bad cough, sore throat and I have been getting really bad sinus headaches everyday. Also, since Friday I have been having problems hearing out of the right ear. If I put my head down it opens up and I can hear fine, but all the other time it feels like it is closed off.

It doesn’t help that on Tuesday I started classes again. Three of the four teaches I have had before so I know what to expect and the other one is my Logic teacher and he doesn’t seem too bad. I am also taking Financial Accounting, Micro Economics, and World Civilization II. Atleast this semester I don’t have class at 8 am every day like the past semester.

Speaking of the last semester I got a letter today from the Office of the Vice Presjdent of my college saying that I got on the Vice President’s High Honors list, which is for people who had a 3.5 gpa or above. Which is pretty cool. It’s the highest award at my college.

I have been really lazy for the past couple months mainly due to World of Warcraft, but I promise to get around to making some WordPress themes. I have been toying around with a few designs.

I may have one big update in the next couple weeks, but I don’t want to jinx it. To those who know me you will be shocked.

Tough birdie!

Yesterday my mom called me into her office. I am thinking she needs me to fix somwthing with her computer. Man I was wrong, she tells me there is a bird in the house and one of the cats is going after it. How the bird got into the house I will never know. I could see a few feathers laying in the corner. So I start to try and find the cat and the bird. I went in to my sisters room and the cat is laying in the corner next to the bird. When I come back to try and take care of it both of them are gone. I find the cat who is then searching in my moms office again. All of a suddend the cat finds it and the bird comes flying out of hiding right for me, I duck and it just barely misses me. I will admit that scared the shit out of me.

Then, the cat goes back on the hunt. They wind up back in my sisters room and this is where the other cat joins in. She catches it in her mouth and I try to lea her out of the house, but the bird gets away, again. This time it gets behind my dads dresser in his room. Both cats are trying to find a way to get back there. I move a box from under it and the first cat goes in and gets the bird out. It knocks it around a few times and the bird winds up in one of my dads shoes. So, I take the shoe, with the bird inside of it, outside and when I begin to toss the bird out of the shoe it goes flying off into the distance.

How the bird survived I will never know.

bring on the red sox

Hell yea!!! The Cardinals just came back down 3 games to 2 in the NLCS to win the series and are now going to the world series. First time since 1987. Last win was 1982.

How about that catch by Edmonds. How great was that, it saved the game.