Pointfest #2 of 2007

The second Pointfest of 2007 will be on September 30th with tickets going on sale August 4th for $29.

  • Pointfest Lineup
    • Breaking Benjamin
    • Sum 41
    • Three Days Grace
    • Seether
    • Finger Eleven
    • Sick Puppies
    • The Starting Line
    • Evans Blue
    • (hed)PE
    • Hurt
    • Mute Math
    • Chevelle
    • Saliva

It’s a better lineup than the first Pointfest of 2007, but once again the only band I want to see there is Breaking Bejamin.

  • Sum 41, ewe.
  • Three Days Grace, just saw them live a month ago.
  • Seether, saw them a couple years ago at a previous Pointfest.
  • Finger Eleven, know a whole 2 songs by them.
  • Sick Puppies, who?
  • The Starting Line, who?
  • Evans Blue, saw them at the Pageant and was not very impressed.
  • (hed) P.E. saw them a couple years ago at Pointfest, they were ok.
  • Hurt, not a fan at all.
  • Mute Math, who?

I guess this is why I barely listen to the Point anymore, they only play the wussy stuff anymore.

Update: 2 more bands have been added to the lineup, Chevelle and Saliva. Chevelle: Nice. Saliva: No thank you.

Pointfest 2007

What happened with Pointfest? The point has announced who will be playing this years Pointfest and once again it’s crap.

  • Pointfest Lineup
    • The Killers
    • Wolfmother
    • Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    • Papa Roach
    • Bullet For My Valentine
    • Say Anything
    • Modern Day Zero
    • Red Romance
    • The Exies
    • Smile Empty Soul
    • Dropping Daylight
    • Autovein
    • Madina Lake
    • Blackpool Lights
    • Straylight Run
    • Operator

To Be Announced
One more national act
Pop’s Local Band main stage opener (to be determined on 4/28)
Pop’s Local Band stage line-up, featuring 11 of the best St. Louis bands

  • Date: May 12th, 2007
  • On Sale: March 17th, 2007
  • Price: $29

Seriously, The Killers headlining?

Pointfest 18, sucks

This years Pointfest will be on May 6, 2006 and the full lineup will be annouced on Monday, April 3rd. So far the only bands I know of are 10 Years and Hurt. If you know of any other bands that are confirmed, please either leave a comment or contact me.

Update: (4-3-06)
The official lineup has been announced and Pointfest just keeps getting worse every year. Last year I didn’t even get there until 7, because I was really only interested in Breaking Benjamin.

This year on the main stage are: Coheed & Cambria, Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown, Trapt and Blue October. On the second stage: 10 Years, Hurt, People In Planes, Bril, Autovein, Rock Kills Kid, Bullets & Octane, Eighteen Visions, Damone and a local band.

Tickets are only $18 and go on sale Friday, April 7th. There is not one band that I care to see, so you won’t be seeing me there this year.

Woody and the Whipping Boy…

Damn it! I hate corporations. All they do is find ways to screw everyone else. Today The Point fired Woody and the Whipping Boy. They say they are going in a conservative direction. They were the number one station and get fired for no reason.

A few weeks ago they had a couple women masterbating on the air, which got WWB a week without pay. Another incident was for halloween they had four women come in and have their asses painted for a Crack-O-Lantern Contest. Because of these inncidents another women got her panties in a bunch and started going around getting a petition going and getting some advertisers to pull their ads.

WWB stated yesterday that if for some reason they were taken off the air not to worry becuase they already had another job lined up out East. They were told by the station to be edgy and so they did, now they station is saying nevermind and firing them as a scapecoat.

This just really pisses me because I have been listening to these guys since they first came on the air. If you don’t like what they are doing there is an amazing thing on your radio, called the dial, and you change the fucking station.

Here is the thing that got them into trouble:
allamericanrejectsthreesome.mp3 (right-click –> save as…)

Another little thing they did:
kermitandmisspiggy.mp3 (right-click –> save as…)